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By kevin partner

Denizens & Dragons

Book 3 of the Faerie King Trilogy

A reluctant mage, a deluded dragon and a very scary fairie.
Bill Strike is abducted on the eve of his wedding by an elf and her band of carrier lizards and finds himself transported to the Beyond where it seems all is not well. The elfs blame him for an invasion of walking wooden robots and he’s faced with a stark choice – destroy the machines or never see his world, and his fiance, again.
In the meantime, Chortley Fitzmichael’s father is murdered and he’s the chief suspect. To make matters worse, his homicidal half-sister is now countess and is scouring the country for him.
Add to this three witches, a bloody annoyed potential bride and a mysterious stranger who shares a past with Mother Hemlock and you have a recipe for chaos. And laughs.
If you enjoy the Discworld novels of Terry Pratchett, you’ll love this fast paced tale of elfs, dragons, dwarfs and faeries. The last book in the trilogy, Strike Alight promises laughs, thrills and a happy ending.

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kevin partner

Scribbleit’s founder, Kevin Partner set the company up in 2003 to publish his own work and handle earnings from self published, traditionally published and freelance writing.

Kevin writes in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic and, believe it or not, Victorian Gothic Mystery. 


Other Books

The Long Night

The first of a six book series being written with best selling Post Apocalyptic author Mike Kraus. Released soon.

Robot Empire Book 1

The first book in the six book Robot Empire series, Dawn Exodus sees generational starship Dawn arrive at its destination, only to find that someone got their first.

Makepeace & Grimes

Vampires lurk in the alleys of late Victorian London and John Makepeace and Ichabod Grimes are all that stand between the people of the capital and an army of monsters.

Your Candle Business

In 2010, Kevin set up with his wife, Peta. This book is based on his experiences of setting up and running a six figure business.


The characters jump off the pages, the worlds Kev Partner has created are on a par with the best of Discworld

– Divi Digest


A wonderful spacefaring adventure. The book is a great start to what I believe will be an epic.

review of dawn exodus


The book breaks setting up a business completely down so it’s easy to understand so is great for anyone completely new to setting up their own business.

review of your candle business

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